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Why choose Meihao air curtain

In the past 52 years, Meihao air curtains have been committed to the manufacturing, design and research and development of customized air curtains and heaters according to customer needs.

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1. Experience

We have been engaged in theHVACequipment business since 1969. Our employees have technical knowledge and rich experience in meeting customer requirements and solving problems.

Two, the concept

In the research and development process, we always adhere to the "5E" concept (effective, efficient, energy-saving, economical, and environmentally friendly).

3. R&D team

We have our own air flow laboratory, which can conduct various tests. We combine our own test results with the third item. Party Lab utilizes the structure and performance of our air curtain products

Four, design

We hire top designers to ensure our air curtain heaters, commercial air curtains always provide our customers with beautiful and leading designs.

Five, supporting equipment

We invest in a complete production line, equipped with the most advanced equipment, including laser cutting and CNC equipment

Six, quality

We have metal, plastic, motor, blower and assembly workshops, so we have better production and quality control than other factories.




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