Classic Industrial Hydro-heating Series RM-50L-S-W
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Classic Industrial Hydro-heating Series RM-50L-S-W

Product overview:
Type: Hydro heating Air Curtain
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, P.R. China
Certification: CE, CB
Fan type: Centrifugal
Airflow: 2060-4435 m3/h
Packaging Details: Carton box with foam and PE bag
OEM/ODM: Available
Product Details

Optimized air duct design, large air volume, high wind speed

High-power, high-performance, high-efficiency motor to meet high requirements and special installation occasions

The perfect combination of high-power motor and ultra-quiet aluminum alloy wind wheel, the operation is more reliable and lasting

Suitable for sewage treatment plants, garbage treatment stations, food processing plant workshops and warehouses, etc.

Used in large-scale industrial production workshops and warehouses, garbage treatment stations, sewage sludge treatment plants, breeding farms, flower gardening farms


model Rated voltage/
Motor input power
Wind speed of air outlet (M/S) Noise (dB) Air volume (M3/H) Net weight (KG) Gross weight (KG) Body size (MM) Packing size (MM)
high low high low high low high low
RM-5010L-SW 380/50 530 420 14.5 12 54 52 2720 2060 39 41 992×355×370 1045X405X430
RM-5012L-S-W 560 450 54 52 3070 2330 42.5 45 1192×355×370 1245X405X430
RM-5015L-S-W 850 680 54 52 4230 3220 60.5 63.5 1492×355×370 1545X405X430
RM-5018L-S-W 1030 825 56 54 4435 3770 64 67 1792×355×370 1845X405X430
RM-5020L-S-W 1130 905 56 54 5550 4165 82 86 1952×355×370 2005X405X430







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Classic Industrial Hydro-heating Series RM-50L-S-W
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