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CW Vertical Series with PTC Heaters

Product overview:
Type: PTC heating Air Curtain
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, P.R. China
Certification: CE, CB
Fan type: Cross flow
Airflow: 2450-3950 m3/h
Heating power: 11-24kw
Temperature rise: 22/35k
Packaging Details: Carton box with foam and PE bag
OEM/ODM: Available
Product Details

First in China, brand new vertical tubular air supply, large air volume, strong wind power, economical and durable

Full metal or stainless steel shell, wind out from the back side, three-dimensional protection, safe and beautiful

Can be customized according to the installation height of the door, not limited by the height of the door

Ultra-wide door blowing on both sides, excellent partition effect

Special vertical bearing, long service life, wear resistance

Suitable for places that cannot be installed and blown down, such as shopping malls, factory workshops, garage exits, etc.

Used in large-scale industrial production workshops and warehouses, garages, breeding farms, flower gardening farms


model Rated voltage/
Motor input
Temperature rise
Wind speed
Air volume
Net weight
Gross weight
Body size
Packing size
RMC-4012-3D09/YW 220/380(50) 310 9 20 10 2450 20.5 22.5 1210×250×265 1260X285X325
RMC-4015-3D11 / YW 400 11 3200 26 28.5 1505×250×265 1550X285X325
RMC-4018-3D13/YW 480 13 3950 32 35 1800×250×265 1850X285X325
RMC-4012-3D14/YW 380(50) 310 14 35 9 2200 twenty two twenty four 1210×250×265 1260X285X325
RMC-4015-3D17/YW 400 17 2800 28 30.5 1505×250×265 1550X285X325
RMC-4018-3D20/YW 480 20 3400 35 37.5 1800×250×265 1850X285X325






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CW Vertical Series with PTC Heaters
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