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SA1 Electric Heating Series

Classification: Commercial air curtain
Product overview:
Type: PTC heating air curtain
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, P.R. China
Certification: CE, CB
Fan type: Cross flow
Airflow: 995-2470 m3/h
Heating power: 6-18kw
Temperature rise: 25/35k
Packaging Details: Carton box with foam and PE bag
OEM/ODM: Available
Product Details

Full infrared remote control, easier and more comfortable operation

Uncharged PTC heating, safe, energy-saving and durable

Multiple protections such as power-off delay, over-temperature power-off, etc., making it safer

The perfect combination of super static machine and noise reduction wind wheel, the performance is more efficient

Large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, airports, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, bus terminals


model Rated voltage/
Motor input
Temperature rise
Wind speed
Air volume
Net weight
Gross weight
Body size
Packing size
RM-1209-3DJ06 / Y-SA1 220/380(50) 140 6 25 9.5 995 18.5 20 900X218X260 940X262X312
RM-1212-3DJ08 / Y-SA1 200 8 1510 21.5 twenty three 1210X218X260 1250X262X312
RM-1215-3DJ10 / Y-SA1 280 10 1880 twenty four 26 1460X218X260 1500X262X312
RM-1209-3DJ08 / Y-SA1 380(50) 140 8 35 10 1045 19.5 twenty one 900X218X260 940X262X312
RM-1212-3DJ12 / Y-SA1 200 12 1590 22.5 twenty four 1210X218X260 1250X262X312
RM-1215-3DJ16 / Y-SA1 280 16 1980 25 27 1460X218X260 1500X262X312
RM-1509-3DJ10 / Y-SA1 380(50) 230 10 35 10 1290 twenty one twenty three 900X278X260 940X330X315
RM-1512-3DJ14 / Y-SA1 300 14 1975 27.5 30 1210X278X260 1250X330X315
RM-1515-3DJ18 / Y-SA1 380 18 2470 35.5 38.5 1460X278X260 1500X330X315






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Product serial number: RM-DJSA1
SA1 Electric Heating Series
Retail price: 0.0
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